How Your Donation Helps

Emergency Relief Efforts

We organize local groups in crisis while working with global partners to provide aid and relief to save lives sustainably.

Cash Assistance

For vulnerable refugee families cash assistance is the most effective and dignified way to provide relief.


Providing access to education and an environment to learn is crucial to survival on earth. By helping groups who work in education, we make it a standard to value education for all human beings, especially refugee children.


The need for mobile connectivity for refugees is higher than you might think. Imagine being disconnected from your family, without the technology you rely on daily. Providing a new life in the 21st century requires the adaptive reuse of technology.

Building Livelihoods

Teaching refugees new skills so they can become self-sufficient is what makes meaningful communities thrive, seriously (read about it from the The Brookings Institution).


A home is something everyone on earth deserves. It’s a place just for ones self and family which provides peace of mind and a reassurance of community. For the people without homes fleeing violence or hardship, we call them refugees and work to get them a home.

Your gift makes a considerable difference, no matter the size. A sustained monthly donation of any amount helps us adequately plan for the future and more quickly achieve our goals of providing aid + relief. does not take any percentage of funds donated and is 100% volunteer organized.
When you decide to make a donation, 100% of the received funds (not including typical funding transfer fees and money processing fees from banks and institutions) goes directly towards helping individuals and families by providing direct aid and relief – not salaries.