We work to coordinate organizations and initiatives to help improve the lives of people globally. In coordination with other non-profit organizations, we make sure money for aid is available to independent networks of organizations and institutions when they need it most.

Relief+Aid, an initiative of the sustainability non-profit organization Llacuna, provides aid and relief for organizations that help families and individuals globally. Together, we carefully select organizations to work with from an independent network of grassroots organizations.

Our ability to independently organize aid operations allows us to provide the most resources to our networks.

Do you represent an organization seeking funding for Relief+Aid?
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Your donation directly benefits individuals and families in need.

Refugees.cx does not take any percentage of funds donated and is 100% volunteer organized. When you decide to make a donation, 100% of the received funds (not including typical funding transfer fees and money processing fees from banks and institutions) goes directly towards helping individuals and families by providing direct aid and relief – not salaries. Secure payment processing and verification by Llacuna and ActBlue Charities.